Wood as the source, people as the center, Creating healthy spaces with wood grain aesthetics

About us

SINCE 2001

A wood products factory with a history of more than 20 years, well known in East China, was wholly acquired by Huanan Wood Industry in 2019, and established Zhejiang Heyong Home Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was honored with the title of "National High-tech Enterprise" in 2022.

Woodcraft Martin takes wood veneer products as the core, and focuses on design, deepening, production and installation. With Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental and other international five-star hotels, service Vanke, Greentown and other real estate decoration projects, and successively become the Asian Games project village, Starbucks, Ruixing and other commercial space partners.


Creativity without boundaries, the choice of craftsmanship

High-end real wood veneer, made of natural tree species or high-grade wood, has a natural wood flavor, strong texture,, texture has been transformed by nature, such as knife marks, dead knots, white edges, black knots, etc., more natural beauty. Artistic flavor, has a strong ornamental value. With their own texture is different, special with irregular, with other materials irreplaceable beauty.


Bringing the ideal life within reach

Outstanding team leads the design trend

It not only gathers many excellent local designers, but also has a European excellent design alliance, which gathers a number of excellent European designers.

  • Gurus

    Design gurus lead R&D to bring international perspective

  • Tendencies

    Adhere to the original trend design, leading the fashion trend

  • Color

    Flowing and intertwining like quicksand, it builds up a splendid and colorful



White oak|The warm and delicate texture brings a peaceful and cozy mood.

Home, it's an exchange of souls.Without the constraints of style.but with an ineffable subtlety.The subtle communication between walls and floors is constructed.


Lavishly rich wood finishes for an elegant and luxurious style

Magnificent beauty, unique and delicate textureUpgrade the spatial pattern, with pure deep insideInterpret the warmth of life, highlighting the taste of high-class life


White oak|Make the space more warm and gentle

The shape of the space is simple and natural, white oak with a large area of white, sufficient light to make the space becomeBright and fresh. The wood finish on the wall, from the bottom of the space


  • Service System

    Redefining service to provide a full range of services for franchisees

  • Exclusive Customization

    Exclusive customized services for high-end home furnishings for each of our valued guests

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    For more information, please feel free to contact us. You can also use the help center to find out what you are concerned about!