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Design MastersMeet our designers

We work with some of the most respected and big name designers in the industry. They are all highly regarded, first-class experts who never disappoint. But perhaps more importantly, we share a common vision of great design: well thought out, elegant products that reflect our times and enhance our lives.

As the creative minds behind our collections, we entrust them with the task of creating a higher quality of life. With a wide range of materials, colors and customization options, you can trust that our designs will enhance your home.


Adhering to the concept of openness and innovation, respecting the heritage of design, specializing in product design and interior design, with a sensitive and open touch of the trend, timely discovery of the latest market dynamics, and the design of a variety of very contemporary products.

TrendsThe space where people meet home decor.

Realize the goal of creating environments in which interiors and the objects in them can engage in a profound dialogue. 

Using the same language that speaks of the intimacy of the space. Possesses the power to be felt by everyone.

Black and White Design Black and White Design
Deconstructing Lines and Surfaces Deconstructing Lines and Surfaces

Fashion ColorAwaken our senses and enrich your life with the color of the year!


Forward-looking color trends and industry track analysis report

Industry fashion trend forecasting platform: industry insight, theme color, raw material trends, pattern trends, details of the process, silhouette trends, planning group goods seven core trends.

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